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22 August 2004

Cleaned up the site and added links to go up a level. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate the site. All pages should now look the same and work in most browsers. Tested with IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

1 August 2004

Added a page that explains AWG, kcmil and metric wire sizes.

2 July 2004

Added a link to technical data to the entry for Ireland.
Source: E-mail from Dave in Ireland

19 June 2004

Added a comment in the TV database about the use of a Multipoint Microwave Distribution System in Ireland.
Source: E-mail from Dave in Ireland

15 June 2004

Added a What's new page to the site.

14 June 2004

Site is up and running on a new server.
It finally has a domain and a name: global-electron.com
A thanks to Ian Hutchinson for suggesting the name!